In need of revenue?

We help your restaurant get

more paying customers

Daily specials

Together we communicate your daily specials, targeted on your best matching customers.

Socially connected

We connect your social profiles and realize more views and more visitors.

Better insights

We know what your customers wants, and what they are willing to pay.

The best suppliers

Supporting you with the best products and services you only need to add "YOU".

By connecting the dots

we can help restaurants get more

paying customers.

Baking and Shaking has a unique approach. We use data to support you with focussing on the right target market for you based on demand, pricing, and your specialties.

By focussing on your daily specials and the communication around that, we support you with menu inspiration and match¬†that to local consumer demand. We know what does and doesn’t work, making it easy to sell more seats to more people, upgrading your restaurant margins and lowering your costs.

For Consumers

Getting the best matching deals

As registered consumer we match your taste and average dinning spend with restaurant offers near you. We offer you on a daily bases VIP specials for private dinners, family dinners or business meetings.

For Suppliers

Distinctive approach on sales

Lowering your acquisition costs supports you and the restaurant in building up true benefitial relationship. or +31 651 850 365